Jeff Masters is an Integrative Somatic Therapist, specializes in assessing and treating somatic-based trauma, chronic pain, and neuro-energetic dysfunction.  He has been researching and practicing Integrative and Somatic Therapies for over thirty years.

An internationally published author, Jeff’s articles have appeared in several periodicals and journals including the Arizona Networking News, Connexions Magazine and Massage World, London.  He is the author of the e-book entitled ‘The Nine Ancient Principles for Personal Transformation’ and ‘Samskaric Archeology and Alchemy: Uncovering And Healing The Issues In Your Tissues.’

Jeff is the founder of the SevaSoul Foundation and Thunder Mountain Wellness, Co-Director of Sedona Wellness,  both Arizona based facilities dedicated to vibrant health, wellness and the realization of the fully actualized human potential.