An integrative massage with Kyle includes energy work with deep tissue techniques.  As a client, you’ll experience the calming and centering elements of Shiatsu and Polarity melded with myofascial and release techniques.  When useful for a client’s deepening wellness, and in conversation with the client, Kyle uses Reflexology, Reiki, bio-dynamic craino-sacral, trigger point therapy, acupressure, and lymphatic drainage with gua sha.  Kyle is like a”sculptor working with skilled hands and compassion.

Kyle practices Zen Shiatsu and Integrative Massage.  In the past decade, he has studied with Dean Julian, Tom Myers and Mary Nelson.  At Arizona School of Integrative Studies’ home campus in Clarkdale, he taught classes in Communication, Therapeutic Process, Expressive Movement, Reflexology, Chair Massage, and a delightful class called, ‘A Therapist’s Day at the Spa’.  In addition, he directed Student Clinic for five years, coordinated ASIS’s continuing education program in which he taught classes:  Embodiment:  Spirituality of Bodywork;  Intimate Presence:  the Ethics of Massage, Roles, Boundaries and Practices.