Certified Ayurvedic Practitioner, former field medic and VA nurse, Lorrie has over 30 years experience in the field of health, modern and ancient wellness and integrative health modalities.   Magna cum laude graduate, completing studies and practicum in the USA, Switzerland, Germany, France and Mexico for Allopathic and Indigenous Medicine, Passionate in her respect and love for Ayurveda, her journey has led to an education with Dr’s Deepak Chopra, David    Simon, and Vasant Lad, for Ayurvedic Medicine and is a Certified Chopra Center instructor. Lorrie teaches and develops wellness programs to assist and support her clients on their journey to optimal health. Lorrie is an author/contributor to wellness industry publications, offering wellness solutions to a high profile audience, with many successful wellness startups and development of private and group wellness retreat programs. Lorrie is a board certified Continued Education Provider and is the founder and Director of Sedona Wellness.