Summer Graham was born and raised in Houston, TX, where she graduated in 1998 from the University of Houston with a Bachelors in Psychology.  Experiencing a personal tragedy, she realized the need to use her skills as a healer, which to led to her studies of Chiropractic and natural medicine. Graduating from Texas Chiropractic  in 2006 Summer relocated to the Colorado, New Mexico region. Dr. Graham is the Medical Director of Aztec Chiropractic, an established family practice of 40 years founded by the late Dr. Frank Nino. Continuing to expand her practice as a leader in supplemental and nutritional medicine she studies under the founder of the Wholistic Kinesiology Institute, Dr. J Dunn for methylation evaluation and treatment. Her current practice incorporates many diagnostic modalities as well as a now standardized approach to the genetic fountain of youth, Methylation Therapy.

She currently lives with her family in Aztec, New Mexico and practices regionally in the four corners area.