Becca is a Certified 200 hr Registered Yoga Teacher from the Kripalu School of Yoga, a student of Ayurvedic Foundations at the Kripalu School of Ayurveda, and Certified Kidding Around Yoga instructor for children with over eight years of experience teaching and practicing yoga. Born and raised in Sedona, Arizona. Becca graduated from Northern Arizona University Magna Cum Laude in 2013 with a degree in Elementary Education and a Certificate for Early Childhood Education. Since then she has travelled and practiced yoga in various countries around the world. After living and teaching children in Portland, Oregon for two years she decided to come back to her home community and give back to the place that raised her.


Geoffrey Taylor is a Vinyasa Yoga teacher from Flagstaff who began practicing there as a child and teaching there years later in 1998. The next year he began classes in Sedona at which point he was invited to teach around the US and abroad while maintaining Northern AZ as a base.  In 2005 he started using Integral Vinyasa as the title to his classes, based on synthesizing the various forms of Vinyasa: Ashtanga, flow yoga, power yoga, etc. In 2006 he Created and opened the Northern Arizona Yoga Center in Flagstaff. The next ten years of teaching were spent refining his system and method, training teachers, and collaborating on several Yoga projects around the globe. Geoffrey is a teacher that inspires all levels of students and abilities, from the yoga novice to the advanced yoga practitioner. Students are taught          compassion instead of competition, which leads to greater levels of health, wellness, and awareness.


Emily is a yogi, musician, and explorer, diving deep into the alchemy of happiness. She is passionate about creating a space for people to unwind, tap in, and unlock the pure potential inside of themselves. Through a combination of gentle yoga poses, breath work, present moment awareness, and positive affirmations, her classes and workshops offer a safe space for students to explore with the power within, release limitations, reconnect with their own inner knowing, and reawaken to the happiest, healthiest versions of themselves.