Thai Massage Mastery is a course that will allow the practitioner an enhanced performance modality that is well known and sought after throughout the world, as an effective tool to enhance your practice.

16 NCBTMB CE’s $250

Thai massage, with its roots from Ayurvedic medicine combines stretching and body movements to loosen muscles, release tension and eliminate disease. Practitioners will learn how to integrate yoga, energy healing, acupressure and meditation to relax and invigorate clients, reducing their stress and tension and helping them achieve greater health.

Techniques vary from the regions of origination, compiling what is now known as the “Northern Region” and the “Southern Region”

Thai Massage Mastery focuses on the techniques of the Norther Region of Chang Mai. As in the traditions of ancient body work and medicine of eastern asian continents, most generations had a member of the family study and learn in order to care for the clan.  Also, in  ancient times, these family practitioners adapted their techniques to care for the royal families of their communities.

This class will focus on:

Foundations of ancient Thai Massage

The connection of mind body to release trauma

Practical study and demonstration of the158 positions

A full day of training of a full body sequence

Medical knowledge of benefits and contraindications

Safe practices for Practitioner and Client/Patient

Textbook review and recommendations


Peter Coe has spent many years of his life dedicated to the fine art of indigenous cultures bodywork. With his studies being both in the United States and Thailand, Peter brings an extensive repertoire of applied therapies for the human body. Using a strong foundation in kinesiology and Neuromuscular therapy, the connection to the body, mind and soul are complete. Specializing in traditional Thai massage allows him to apply this discipline as a foundation to every session. A treatment with Peter will relax the body and quiet the mind, while releasing muscle tension as the body realigns and comes back into balance. Spending time in nature or expressing himself through his master carpentry woodwork, Peter enjoys his life in a relaxed manner, a peaceful energy which extends itself through his work to his loyal following of clientele.   May the light of love shine through you and touch all of those who surround you.